Who am I?

My name is Ivana Lazic. I have been using the svartberg.org domain for over 15 years now to write, mostly about traveling, nature and related lifestyle. Most of the content is written in my mother language (Croatian), and now I am refocusing on English language, while writing about the same subjects.

My interests?

Physical activities while being outside. My biggest enjoyments are hiking, hill climbing, tent camping and walks through forests. I have also discovered trail running and terrain cycling in forests and it was hard not to fall in love with it. I can also hardly say no to horseback riding and kayaking whenever I have the opportunity. I live in Norway, so the possibilities are literally endless.

I enjoy writing about the experiences outside, as it relaxes me to put the events to words. I particularly enjoy taking photos of nature’s beauty and connecting them to these descriptions. At the moment I am training myself to fly a drone in order to elevate the quality of the footage while being outside.

My hobbies?

Designing and making clothes using a sewing machine, knitting and crocheting needles.

Making jewelry, especially using raw materials which can be picked up from the forest ground – horns, bones, stones, branches, leather scraps, lock of sheep wool strands, feathers, terracota etc.

Redesigning and repurposing existing objects, as it excites me to give a new life to a seemingly useless and forgotten item.

Painting and drawing, particularly precise, intricate and in high detail.

Learning about food, making hearty meals and serving them with love.

And reading. I am a voracious reader.

I enjoy?

Entomology, fabrics with rich textures, oud perfumes, smell of rain, snowstorms, walking beyond the treeline, thick and dense fog, sea smoke, thick mossy blanket on forest ground, dark and sinister instrumental music, rich and hearty food served on a cold day, vertebrae of mammals, folklore and myths, the art of drag, being alone, icebergs & glaciers, the Arctic.

Special powers?

The ability to find beauty in unexpected places. Relentless intention for personal growth and development of new concepts. Heavily armed with curiosity, especially for exploring the outdoors.