I don’t mind walking in foggy weather at all. On the contrary, if I see a fog creeping towards me, I will gladly walk in it and will not intentionally rush out of it. There is something primordially ethereal and incredibly poetic in walking through forests or over the mountains when you are unable to see anything in front of you, as the fog’s veil silently floats in a natural environment.

Passing by Klakkur mountain on the way from Kalsoy to Klaksvik in the ferry it became obvious that the weather was getting better and better, and the fog that I adore cleared Klakkur’s top enough for me to see anything from the top – this meant only that the view from the top would be so spectacular that I would see the entire area from that point.

If this is not an invitation – I do not know what it is.

Knowing that I won’t be able to return to Klaksvik soon (or as soon as I would honestly love to), I said to myself that not even the screaming bloody blisters will not be an obstacle on my way to Klakkur.

Thanks to this personality trait, I went up. I felt literally every step on my way up to the top and then later to the airbnb, but it was worth it.

Passed through the city, saw that some sport’s event was in full swing (the locals were driving in small boats fasted to cars wearing red, singing, making a lot of noise and partying like they won the worlds championship of everything ever), bought some fuel for the walk in a nearby store and continued through the city to the other side, where the hike trail starts.

The trail itself is not that long nor particularly demanding and the view from it to Klaksvik and its isthmus and surrounding islands which can be very clearly seen from the top made it really worthwhile.

I concluded the day with having a personal record in terms of walking kilometers. With just a bit under 50 km in my feet that day, I fell asleep, thinking about this Faroe landing party and its excellence, how I loved being in Klaksvik, and feeling sad that tomorrow I will return to Torshavn and afterwards fly back home to Norway.

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