Every year after I gave birth I was blessed with fair winds and following seas which supported my urge to fulfill some of my lifelong wishes. What made it even better is the fact that the circumstances allowed me to do these fullfillings entirely alone.

I visited the Svalbard archipelago twice, to reach the place which is a bit over 1000 km away from the North Pole and to have the honor to enjoy one of the most special natural environments on the planet.

I trekked across the Faroe islands, and immersed myself entirely in scenery which is truly stunning, breathtaking, and dreamlike.

I flew to the west coast of Greenland to enjoy the icebergs calving off the most productive glacier of the entire northern hemisphere.

A few weeks ago, I returned from Mongolia. Moving my focus from the North Atlantic islands to continental and central Asia was an excellent decision. The stories, experiences, my impressions and footage are on the way.