When we were done with the visit in Pyramiden, we proceeded towards the Nordenskiöldbreen glacier. As we were approaching it, and it became closer and clearer to observe it, I was falling in love with it even more and more. I have a thing for ice, large frozen bodies made of ancient ice and everything related. I cannot imagine a more peaceful and silent place to be than

This is, of course, only a superficial observation.

When you come closer to glaciers, especially in seasons when the temperatures start to rise, you will soon understand that the ice mass is rarely silent. The ice grumbles, groans and churns relentlessly as it is always on the move, sliding and surging towards either a valley between the mountains or to the sea.

The weather was ideal for this visit; gloomy, foggy, drizzly and very serious. The glacier is monstrously enormous; even its front was tremendously large, one can only imagine how seemingly endless it is when you observe it from the skies.

Here it is, the Nordenskiöldbreen glacier, from the first moment when I realized I am looking at it (we were in the middle of Sassenfjorden, heading to Billefjorden), to the close ups taken with a camera with a lens bought exclusively to take such photos.

The surroundings were competing with Nordenskiöldbreen glacier when it comes to beauty; the shape of the mountains, the fog and this “bad weather” made the entire scenery even more magical.

At the bottom of the glacier’s front we’ve spotted a very special family, a mother polar bear with two cubs.