It’s forbidden to be bored while in Svalbard – here are the activities I recommend

It’s forbidden to be bored while in Svalbard – here are the activities I recommend

My first encounter with Svalbard had happened in late summer of 2020, in the year when Covid escalated. I was at the end of my maternity leave, came back to work, and felt the urge to do something for myself. Just for myself, even only for a week. Being a person who thrives while exploring the outside, particularly far north and anything related to it, I decided to spend one week in the archipelago located 1300 km from the North pole. Svalbard was a place that I have been reading a lot about before; I fell in love with this frozen fairy tale idea a long time ago, and I was extremely excited to visit it.

I have spent a few months researching this special place, trying to find the activities which would present Svalbard in its full glory and create everlasting top tier memories. Needless to say, it was executed flawlessly and with such love and involvement that only a year after, in autumn 2021, carried by this fantastic experience that I had a year before, I came back for another week and for another portion of the enchanting polar environment.

Here is the list of all of them, and I shall separate each activity in its own article, and support the thoughts with photos and videos.

Late summer 2020

Autumn 2021

The city of Longyearbyen is extremely rich when it comes to activities. They are available during every season, and provide fun in a very special and extreme environment. Whoever is biased towards such places should visit it, no matter what, as it is literally impossible to be bored there, and even harder to be disappointed by everything you could stumble upon.