Kallur lighthouse

Kallur lighthouse

Waking up on Saturday morning in Klaksvik felt so good. Everything I saw before during the previous days was so beautiful and fulfilling and I had a feeling that on this day would be even more satisfying. That particular Saturday was planned to be filled up to the maximum with exploration, even more than any other planned day, and I was determined to get up ASAP and go out to breathe in that divine surroundings. Even in my wildest dreams I could not even assume what beauty I will find in the island of Kalsoy.

I took the earliest ferry which connects the center of Klaksvik to the village on Kalsoy called Syðradalur. During the 20 min ferry ride we were gliding over cold sea and in one of the most beautiful weather conditions I have ever seen – it was raining, the sea was gray, and the fog was playing with our capabilities to perceive anything on the coasts of Kalsoy and Kunoy.

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As soon as I departed, I took the bus to the farthest point of Kalsoy, the village Trøllanes. That bus ride is very scenic. The road goes along the eastern shore of the elongated island Kalsoy and has several stops. This island felt so calm and peaceful, and it was exactly what I needed.

Trøllanes is the starting point to a very special place, because a hike northwards from it takes you to one of the most famous and exceptional places in the entire archipelago – Kallur lighthouse.

I am a very selfish person when it comes to mountains, nature and taking pictures. I love the fact that people hike and love to explore, including myself, but I prefer to have pictures of places devoid of humans. This is why I gladly wake up even at 4 in the morning just to get that moment of privacy of enjoying something alone and by myself. I wanted to be the first person by the Kallur lighthouse.

This is an achievement for itself, because of the fact that it is incredibly popular. When I went up, I was the first and only person on the trail. When I went down, after being maybe 30 min by the Kallur lighthouse, a whole upwards flowing river of tourists was pouring towards it.

It is estimated that the hike is supposed to take approx 45 min. Me, being a person who takes time to take pictures and really wants to enjoy the environment that I am not so often nearby, usually needs at least 20-30 min more.

It was raining/drizzling the entire time on my way up but it was not that slippery. The fog had a special show for me, playing hide and seek with Kunoy island, which is located on the east of Kalsoy.

The famous Kallur lighthouse is located at the end of the island and provides beautiful views.

For a long time I was seeing photos of Risin and Kellingin taken from a place I could not find. When I was standing near Kallur, I realized that I am at THAT place. Look at them, in this amazing weather conditions.

Also, trivia time, the northern part of Kalsoy near Kallur played a russian island in one of the James Bond films. Here you can find even his grave.

Going back down ended up in Trøllanes and then in te next station – Mikladalur.

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