Kayaking in Isfjorden

Kayaking in Isfjorden

I love kayaking and canoeing. I discovered it after moving to Norway; we started exploring the lakes around Oslo and soon I realized that some places just cannot be reached by foot and a canoe works amazingly when it comes to bringing you to those places. One of these places was the bottom of Hiorthfjellet in Svalbard. This pushed me even forward and became a habit; with time we even began to train our daughter to enjoy such excursions; she learned to love the idea of paddling on water and does not even complain (too much :mrgreen: ) when we are on the lakes of eastern Norway.

When the idea of visiting Greenland started to blossom, I stumbled upon pictures taken by people who were kayaking between the icebergs. And boom! – I was insanely in love with this idea. It seemed magical and so inspiring to do.

We met at 8PM, packed ourselves in drysuits and went to the shore. The Sun did not set that night and the light around us was very soft and gentle, in grayish tones, which made the icebergs even more glowing.

I expected that I would feel much colder when we reached the sea, but my baselayers and the dry suit did wonders. Not to mention that paddling itself keeps you warm. Unfortunately, but really fortunately, we did not go close to the larger icebergs, as there is danger of them flipping over and causing strong waves.

But still, we had so much fun.

After 3 hours in water it was time to return to the shore. I fell asleep very content, as I shot off a major bucket list item that night.

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