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“died april 27 1982”

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Woo Bum-Kon is responsible for the deadliest shooting spree in South Korea’s history. According to his relatives and close friends, before the massacre Woo was severely depressed and had anxiety issues, as well as an inferiority complex. Prior to the rampage in 1982, he had served in the military and worked as a police officer in the province of Gyeongsangnam-do. His motive was apparently blind rage; on the night of the massacre Woo got into a fight with his girlfriend after she woke him up by swatting a fly on his chest. He assaulted her and wrecked his house in a tantrum before going out drinking. He then went to the police station and somehow managed to gather an arsenal of weapons without anyone noticing. This arsenal consisted of two rifles with hundreds of rounds of ammunition and seven hand grenades.

At around 9:30pm, Woo visited a local village, where he positioned himself behind some bushes and began firing upon passers-by with an M1 Carbine. His girlfriend, who had gone out looking for him, happened to walk by at this moment and he shot her in the upper thigh, wounding but not killing her. Later that night Woo visited a local post office and shot three people dead, before cutting the phone lines of the entire village in order to prevent anyone from calling the emergency services. He then began to target houses at random, using his position as a police officer to trick people into letting him inside, before pulling out his rifle and murdering everyone. Using this method, Woo managed to kill a total of 42 people in five different villages.

He broke the trend on numerous occasions, for example one time he took a family hostage in their home and ordered a teenage boy living there to go and buy him a drink from the local grocery store. The boy complied, but when he returned Woo simply killed him and all of his family. On another occasion Woo was unable to gain entry to a house, so he used a grenade to kill everyone inside. The massacre lasted for eight hours – culminating in Woo killing himself with two grenades in a suicide attack that claimed four lives. In the aftermath, many police officials involved in the manhunt for Woo resigned, as much blame was placed on them for not ending the rampage sooner. Police were very quick to be informed of the shootings but were sluggish in their attempts to track down the perpetrator.

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