Svalbard hikes and other activities require that you either carry a high caliber rifle when you venture into the wilderness, or to have an armed guide with you, because of the omnipresent danger of the polar bears. The Faroe islands are entirely danger free and you are cordially invited to wander across the archipelago however you want to, which I intended to utilize 500%.

There are 340 mountain peaks in the Faroe islands, and my daily goal was to climb to the top of the highest one – Slættaratindur. The hike itself is not of the killer type, and the view from the top, which was made available by unbelievably clear weather, was more than a very worthwhile way to spend the day.

I woke up very early and took the earliest possible busses to reach the village Eiði. There is another route, via Funningur, but there is no bus station and I wanted in any case to start the day as early as possible. After several bus layovers, I was on the bus to Eiði. The bus driver, like all Faroese people that I have met, was extremely talkative, chatty and curious. I rarely feel that my existence is threatened by anyone and always intend to be in the best possible mood while in another country, so I gladly engage in conversations and love how the flow manages to end up in insane directions. This one ended up on comparing the lutheran and roman catholic viewpoints on religion and ways of life, as the driver was a missionary in an african country, who came back to the village he was born in, and I am a daughter of a man who was schooled to be a catholic priest.

Shortly after leaving the bus I started to walk from the village Eiði towards Slættaratindur. This was a 2 hr long walk on the asphalt road, and the only company I have had were the sheep. It was very warm and sunny and I was hoping it would stay clear so I could observe the area from the top when I arrived. Even though, if you are in such a situation, do not let the weather destroy your plans – if you end up anywhere in the mountains of the Faroe islands, and the famous fog creeps over you, just sit down, chill for a while, as it will probably go away quite soon. The winds over these islands are strong and constant which means that the weather is prone to changes.

As I was ascending from another side (not the one from the parking lot, known to be the regular one), I was walking for a while across the base. The actual trail to the top is a well beaten path and it is impossible to get lost. I was one of the first people there, and the hilltop was more than I could ever ask for. I could not believe how clear and visible everything was. I was turning around and was just able to easily recognize the mountains and islands and fjords and bays without any problem.

Going down was trickier than going up. Some parts were extremely steep and the soil was dry and was falling apart under my hiking shoes, but somehow I managed to descend without any accidents. I continued towards the village Funningur, to blast my eyes with more beauty. It was that kind of day.