In the area near the highest peak of the Faroe islands – Slættaratindur – lies the official number one reason why I came here – Hvithamar. I saw videos of this place ages ago and instantly fell in love with it, especially after further research. I literally could not wait to get there and enjoy the view.

After descending from Slættaratindur I just continued to Hvithamar. It is located somewhat above the Funningur village and requires a short hike from it.

Hvithamar, perched over the Funningsfjørður, was glowing in its full glory under the summer sun. The islands, their shapes, the green color and these clear skies really made me feel content. It was one of those moments when everything sits in its place perfectly and you want it to last for a long time.

To be able to return to Torshavn, I had to go to the nearest village, Gjógv, and order a bus to pick me up. The walk from Hvithamar to Gjógv took quite a while, and at some point I was worried that I could miss that bus, but luckily I managed to reach Gjógv even earlier. While waiting, I did another walk around the village and ate an ice cream. It was very warm and truly amazing.

On the ride back to Torshavn I had a very dynamic discussion with another very chatty bus driver about my exploration of these islands. I love it how the jaws of the locals always drop when they realize that a southern tourist came prepared for such notoriously versatile environment (language, culture, history, geography, orientation,…) and how much love and interest is invested in such visit. They are always so proud and truly happy, and they share so many good ideas and suggestions which is always good to hear.

I came to the room with the biggest blisters I have eve had in my entire life, guessing that the next day will be dedicated to healing them.