Blue trail / the Dream trail / the “I need to come back and walk there again ASAP” trail

Blue trail / the Dream trail / the “I need to come back and walk there again ASAP” trail

It is very difficult to single out the one obvious highlight of my Greenland visit because everything is impossibly gorgeous and comfortable to be at, but the Blue trail would be in top 3. It is not a mistake to call it the Dream trail. It gave me all I needed that morning, and more, and it looked like a literal dream coming to life.

After the Sermermiut trail, inspired and touched by its beauty and enthusiastic about the weather conditions, I went up to walk the Blue trail. I had my gopro, camera, phone and drone ready, and I did not leave them out of my hands for one second. It is estimated that the trail can be crossed in 1h 45min as it is only 7 km long.

In my case, it took 3 hours as I made hundreds of stops while taking photos and videos, including a long one on which the drone flew over the frozen ocean covered with icebergs (I will put the drone vids of the icebergs in a separate post). Here I lost my mind entirely. I did not want to leave, ever. I cannot imagine anyone being indifferent to such places and it is extremely sad that it is so remote and inaccessible for most of the people.

At the point where the Amitsorsuaq lake connects with the sea, the view of the bay with the icebergs stops, as the trail continues across the hills.

It is absolutely beautiful. I was lucky to walk that trail in such weather, as the mood of the ambience elevated the scenery to divine levels. There were waterfalls, small lakes, stones of all sizes and shapes and I could not get enough of all that.

Not long after, the mountain part of the trail turned to a canyon. I was looking at the maps before and somehow omitted the canyon, so I was surprised when I realized that I am descending from the trail into a snowcovered gorge. I was outrageously enjoying all this. Here I fell through the snow several times; the snow and ice were covering uneven terrain and there were holes up to my waist in some places but I didn’t mind. I signed up for that, so I would just wiggle out of the frozen holes like some primordial and tyrannical snake, chuckling at my own lack of judgement of estimating where to tread. It took me 2 days to dry out the hiking shoes entirely, and my airbnb owner loaned me hers, but it was absolutely worth it + worthy of returning.

I came out of the canyon and continued towards the city. Behind the first houses I saw the wilderness, only a step away from the backyards. This is the reminder how close it is to this city. I love it so much, and such views make me incredibly happy.

I was entirely alone along this trek. The first humans I saw were literally at the end of the trail, near the quarry, curious about the state of the trail and venturing towards the canyon. I hope they had at least half of the fun that I have had.

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