Helicopter flight from Torshavn to Klaksvik

Helicopter flight from Torshavn to Klaksvik

Thursday was supposed to be spent on the hike between Saksun and Tjørnuvik, as I really wanted to cross the ridge between them, going along the path between the mountain tops Heyggjurin Mikli and Melin. Unfortunately, on both heels and toes after the Slættaratindur and Hvithamar hikes on which I made 40 km on versatile terrain I have developed deep and bloody blisters. I never had anything like those before, and I was forced to take a chill pill, rest against my will and prepare for friday, which had its own rich and amazing schedule.

Needless to say, as soon as I could stand up again, I went for a walk in Torshavn to at least admire the city, in this foggy and windy weather. I was limping, but I was limping in Torshavn :mrgreen: on a well deserved vacation in the land of my dreams.

I also want to spend a moment to point out how Torshavn is full of plants. Wherever you turn, every house in every garden has large bushes of decorative plants, and it all looks so rich and luscious. The owner of the airbnb where I stayed is no different, he is tending to a garden of his own and the view from my room looked like this. There are so many aspirational gardeners and it makes me so happy to see how good they are at it.

Friday started with a helicopter flight from heliport Bodanes to Klaksvik, the second largest city in these islands. I am not rich; the reason why I booked it is the incredibly low price per ticket. Due to the fact that the helicopters in the Faroe islands, along with the ferries, are the only way to travel between them (and oftentimes the ferries cannot even sail due to the weather), the government HEAVILY subsidizes the ticket prices for helicopters, and anyone’s wallet can handle it. Just for a comparison, the price corresponds to the price of a Domino’s pizza at home.

This is how the weather was near Bodanes. The island on the other side of this beautiful fog is called Nolsoy (far. needle island).

The helipad is tiny and it is located on the shore, pictured above.

The helicopter flight between Torshavn and Klaksvik lasts 12 minutes and gives a great overview of islands along the flight line. There are ten heliports spread out across the archipelago. The flight required watching a short video about flight safety and not long after the carriage appeared. We were all entirely fascinated by it, we kept the phones up like our life depended on it. The flight itself was amazing. Too short, to be perfectly honest. It was done along the southern coasts of the main islands and the shapes seen from the air were something truly beautiful to see.


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I was born in a country where being in a helicopter meant that you are probably injured way too much for the local hospital to handle. This was my first flight ever and obviously not the last one.

After arriving at Klaksvik and disembarking from the vessel I started walking towards the city. The sheer beauty of it, the shape of the city spread on the isthmus and being able to see and easily recognize the islands that I was exploring by watching maps really made me happy.

Went to the tourist office to pay for the hostel and settled in a bed&breakfast owned by an old Faroese couple. I loved the rustic simplicity (old interior, a house just adapted into a b&b) even though I don’t really pay a lot of attention to these things; the room I’ve paid only had to serve as the place for me to fall asleep in a safe environment.

Nailed a burger in a very nice burger joint and proceeded to a nearby village, Viðareiði.

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