Nastavak priče iz Kalevale o tragičnom, iako vrlo moćnom liku. Runa 32.

np: METALLICA – nothing else matters

Runa 31. – Kullervo – sin zla – prvi dio, Kullervoovo rođenje i naznaka zloće.

Runa 32. – Kullervo postaje pastir

Kullervo dolazi Ilmarinenu i njegovoj ženi kao rob.

Magic son with sky-blue stockings.
With a head of golden ringlets,
In his shoes of marten-leather,
Waiting little, asked the blacksmith,
Asked the host for work at morning,
In the evening asked the hostess,
These the words of Kullerwoinen:
“Give me work at early morning,
In the evening, occupation,
Labor worthy of thy servant.”

Ilmarinenova žena, podla, spravlja kruh Kullervou i stavlja u njega kamen.

Then the wife of Ilmarinen,
Once the Maiden of the Rainbow,
Thinking long, and long debating,
How to give the youth employment,
How the purchased slave could labor;
Finally a shepherd made him,
Made him keeper of her pastures;
But the over-scornful hostess,
Baked a biscuit for the herdsman,
Baked a loaf of wondrous thickness,
Baked the lower-half of oat-meal,

And the upper-half of barley,
Baked a flint-stone in the centre,
Poured around it liquid butter,
Then she gave it to the shepherd,
Food to still the herdsman’s hunger;
Thus she gave the youth instructions:
“Do not eat the bread in hunger,
Till the herd is in the woodlands!”

i naglašava da ga ne jede dok ne zađe duboko u šumu.

Potom zaziva bogove za zaštitu njenog stada (većina rune se sastoji od invokacije bogova plodnosti, zaštite, prirode)

Thou, O Ukko, King of heaven.
Wise director, full of mercy,
Hear the golden words I utter,
Hear a voice that breathes affection,
From the alder make a muzzle,
For each dog, within the kennel;
Should the alder prove too feeble,
Cast a band of purest copper;
Should the copper prove a failure,
Forge a band of ductile iron;
Should the iron snap asunder,
In each nose a small-ring fasten,
Made of molten gold and silver,
Chain thy dogs in forest-caverns,
That my herd may not be injured.

i pušta ih na ispašu.

Then the wife of Ilmarinen,
Life-companion of the blacksmith,
Opened all her yards and stables,
Led her herd across the meadow,
Placed them in the herdman’s keeping,
In the care of Kullerwoinen.